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Benefits available for pregnant teenagers and mothers under 16 depend on different things, such as, how old you are and whether you live with your parents or not.

If you are under 16 and living with parents

During pregnancy

If you are of compulsory school age (i.e. beginning of June following your 16th birthday) your local education authority must provide education for you, either at your usual school or somewhere else.
No benefits are available for you to claim, but if you are still with parents or carers they can continue to get Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits for you if applicable.

After the birth

Once your baby is born either you or your parents can claim Child Benefit. You will not be able to claim Income Support as a lone parent until you are 16 but your parents will be able to get extra Child Tax Credit for your baby. If they get Child Tax Credits of more than the family element, they can claim the £500.00 Sure Start Maternity Grant for your baby providing you are under 20 years and have no other children.

Once you reach 16 the situation will change.

If you are under 16 and living apart from parents

During pregnancy

Because you are under 16 you cannot claim benefits for yourself. If you live away from your parents or guardians, social services are responsible for you.

After the birth

Once your baby is born and you reach 16 years of age you can claim child benefit. Once you reach 16 you will be able to claim child tax credits and possibly Income Support as a lone parent.

If you are under 16 and living with your boyfriend

Your partner cannot claim extra money for you while you are pregnant unless he is over 16 and claims for you as his dependent child. After the birth he can claim for Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for your baby. He may also be able to get Housing Benefit and Income Support as a lone parent if he is not working.

Under these circumstances he may also be eligible to claim the Sure Start Maternity Grant.

How do you claim?

Claim on Form SF100. You can also get a form Milton Keynes' DWP Office on 0845 603 6967 or an antenatal clinic.

The back of the claim form must be signed by a health professional (such as a midwife, health visitor or doctor) to confirm that the claimant has received health and welfare advice about having a baby.

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